InForm. Report Incidents. Get Support.

We speak of ourselves as UConn Nation. That term is synonymous with a community that cares deeply about one another. As Connecticut's flagship university, our highest aspirations can only be reached when all of us feel welcome, supported, and heard. InForm was created to highlight that every member of our community is valued and your concerns are important to the University of Connecticut.

Welcome to InForm

InForm is a tool to help the UConn community navigate the reporting process and support available for a variety of incidents including bias, harassment, safety concerns, and other types of misconduct. InForm is available to anyone coming into contact with UConn, including students, faculty, staff, visitors, and community members who have a concern to report, including bystanders.

Existing reporting forms and websites are not changing or going away. InForm simply acts as a hub for accessing all those forms from one place, with a greater level of guidance.

Report Incidents. Get Support.

InForm lists all University reporting options in one central place. The site also features a Form Finder tool to help you find the best report for your situation, depending on your identity, the identity of the other party or parties involved, the type of incident, and other factors.

InForm can also help you find support. Browse offices and departments, or reach out to contacts for a specific report. Once you submit a report, an office may follow up with you to provide support, resources, and options depending on your relationship to the incident(s).